Product Instructions



INSTRUCTIONS: How to add Jax & Moonie tags to your dog collar. 

1. Pull apart velcro ends of tag

2. Wrap tag around your dog collar - making sure the metal design is centered and facing the exterior of the collar.

3. Adjust the velcro backing and tag as needed. (Our dog collar tags fit do collar widths that are 1" to 1.25" wide)

4. Add more fun tags to your dog's collar as the years go on!



  • Avoid getting your tags wet by removing them before activities such as swimming, bathing, or exercising.
  • Wipe metal tags with a soft cloth to clean after wearing.
  • Store tag in original packaging or a soft pouch when not in use and avoid hard contact with objects that can scratch or chip the finish.





INSTRUCTIONS: How to get the perfect fit bracelet.


1. Put bracelet on wrist and pull the ends to fit your wrist how you like

2. Take bracelet off, but make bracelet the smallest it can be with still being about to take it off

3. Once  you've taken the bracelet off (following instruction in step 2), cut the knotted ends of the bracelet off with a pair of scissors- leaving about a half inch on both ends.

4. Now, retie both ends into knots

5. Your bracelet is now the perfect fit! Feel free to continue adjusting in this way until it fits exactly how you'd prefer.