Our Products

One life together- one bond for a lifetime. At Jax & Moonie, we believe the relationship between a dog and their collar should last a lifetime…the same as the relationship between a dog and their partner. That’s why we have hand-crafted a unique product designed to personally connect you to your pup, and the path you travel together.
At Jax & Moonie, we care about the environment. Our products are created with sustainability in mind and have a lifetime warranty. We build each product to last a lifetime and work hard to make our motto a reality: “One life together - One bond for a lifetime”. If any of your Jax & Moonie products wear or tear in a way that you are unsatisfied with, we encourage you to send it back to us. We will either fix it and send it back to you, or recycle the materials and send you a new product to enjoy.
Please contact the email below with any lifetime warranty questions and trade-ins.