What are our products made of?

Our products are made from both raw vegetable-tanned leather as well as vegan cactus leather.


Why vegetable-tanned leather?

Leather is an extremely durable and natural product- vegetable-tanned leather in particular is a more eco-friendly type of leather. Vegetable-tanned leather is tanned with natural extracts derived from vegetable sources such as chestnut and quebracho wood, gall nuts or tara pods, (rather than harsh chemicals).


Why vegan cactus leather?

Vegan leather is an animal-free option of leather, also known as 'faux-leather'. We use vegan leather made from cactus' from a company called Desserto. Based in Mexico, Desserto has created an eco-friendly and sustainable product through the farming of cactus'. Read more about Desserto and their sustainable initiatives >>



What dog collars are compatible with Jax & Moonie tags?

Jax & Moonie collar tags are compatible with all dog collars that are 1" - 1.25" in width. If your dog collar is wider or less wide than those dimensions, please contact us for a custom size that will fit your dog's collar.


Who makes all of our products?

All of our products are handmade and crafted currently in Tampa, FL by our expert leather-smith and Co-Founder, Matt Punzone and his wife and Co-Founder, Meilani.


Do we ship to Canada?

No- We currently do not ship to Canada. However, please email us if you interested and we can try to assist as best possible! 


Do we ship internationally?

No- We currently do not ship to Internationally. However, please email us if you interested and we can try to assist as best possible! 


How long does it take to get my item?

It usually takes only 2-3 days to hand-make each product. Shipping the following day after completion. If you live in the USA, priority shipping will take an addition 2-3 days after the initial production time. Need something guaranteed by a certain date? Let us know!