Jax and Moonie - born on the road, traveling and living the life. You know the deal: bust out with some trusty companions, ready to find out a few things about yourself. Before long, the ideas flow.

Meilani and Matt are the founders- and newly married. But the idea came from Jax. Sure he’s a dog, but that’s an understatement. Adopted in Florida (by way of the Big Easy), Jax deserves credit for the quality control of this project. He would not accept less than our best. And that’s what Jax and Moonie is.

Matt is a leather craftsman; his family started one of the nation’s top leather holster companies. He served our country in the military for several years before chancing upon Meilani in San Diego. She was an Action Sports veteran, having worked Design and Marketing for Fox Racing, Rusty Surfboards and Monster Energy. 

They might got hitched and Jax and Moonie is their baby. Call it a vision or calling. They hope you and your canine buddy share the same calling.