Some say moose meat is an acquired taste. Rex has loved it from the get-go. Living in Alaska, this one year-old Karelian Bear Dog doesn't exactly get his kicks fetching the morning paper. Rex has his plate full digging into Search and Rescue Training, Trick Dog Certification and pulling his companion's trick sled across the frozen tundra of the 49th state.  Karelian Bear Dogs sound local, but they are a breed originally from Finland –considered with great reverence beyond the Arctic Circle. Rex came from Portugal (an explorer by nature- like Columbus). Did I mention the Barn Hunt deal? Rex is only the 4th Karelian Bear Dog to win a Barn Hunt title.

Jax & Moonie Ambassadors aren't all like Rex. In an environment as unforgiving as Alaska, though, it helps to be exceptional. As a partner in the vast frozen wilderness, it helps to love snow and moose meat. It also helps to have a good heart. That's Rex on all counts. 


How old is your pup(s)?

Rex will be 2 years old this year.



When is your pup’s birthday or Gotcha Day?

Rex was born on March 17



Where do you and your pup live?

We live in South-central Alaska


What are your pup's favorite outdoor activity?

Rex loves frolicking in the snow!



Where is the coolest, most amazing and memorable place you've been with your pup(s) and what makes it so special?

The most memorable place Rex and I have been together so far has to be our first adventure together in Portugal when we met and flew home to Alaska. Rex was quite the travel souvenir!



If you could go anywhere in the world, what is your dream outdoor adventure with your pup(s)?

I'd love to take them to the Pribilof Islands to go camping/hiking with me- dogs are not allowed on the islands, even though mine  are especially behaved.



Where are all of the places you and your pup(s) have been?


Yukon Canada




Follow Rex on his adventures via his Instagram account that he shares with his sister Fly:




Do you have a personal business you'd like to share with our followers?

We have a blog to share our adventures here:

We are also members of a nonprofit, an all volunteer Search and Rescue K9 team: