Okay, so your goal is to become a firefighter. What’s the first thing you’ll need? No, not a mustache (especially if your name is Kelsea). No, no – you’ll need a Dalmatian. Name him “Arson” and he lights a fire in your heart. Loyal? Check. Adventurous? Double check. Cuddly and protective? He’s a fire-dog – check that box. And by the way girls, (with his Jax & Moonie collar), he’s photogenic as all get-out…Can’t wait for that 2021 fire-dog calendar! 


Seen the movie “Castaway”? Ever imagined the pain and despair of loneliness that survival mode brings? Kida knows that feeling- she was abandoned in the woods and seriously injured at the time when she was found. Trust comes slowly.  Kida eventually put away her fears, and four years into her forever home, she’s the life of the party.  Walk toward the car and she knows it’s the opening of the coolest buddy movie ever.  The forest is now her playground, not her prison. She digs the snow and makes crazy snow-angels, husky-style. Be yourself, Kida, we are all like you in some small ways. 



  • Colorado

  • Kansas

  • Missouri

  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • New Mexico