Everyone has a talent; including mixed-breed pound puppies. Overcoming rejection, time in the pen, anxiety and attachment issues, Casey finally hit her stride. She’s a top-notch trail companion, Olympic-level snack hound, and board certified snuggle-bunny. Try sneaking a frozen peanut butter ”Kong” bar past her- it can’t be done.   Casey is part beagle/part weimeraner, with a sprinkling of golden retriever just to make things interesting. No matter; she has earned her place in the pantheon of Jax & Moonie Ambassadors by virtue of her dedication to the art and craft of Dognicity. Yes, it’s a mysterious gift, for certain. Yet, whether wrestling with her buddy, Sawyer, napping under a pile of blankets with her Slothy, or barreling along the coastal trails with her human soulmates, Casey deservedly earns the title “Comeback Canine of 2020”. 



  • Badlands National Park

  • Crater Lake National Park

  • 44.1502° N 124.1209° W

  • 44.2924° N 122.8663° W