Hunting dogs are very specialized these days. Brinley, a pitbull/lab/Catahoula mix- is natural “stick” hunter – although sometimes she messes up and brings back a clump of moss instead. Nonetheless, she loves clamoring through the woods, hunting indiscriminate artifacts and blazing trails at hypersonic speeds. Fortunately, it’s always “stick” season in Canada. Brinley is still a pup -one who has overcome a lot of initial anxiety and fear. But she has grown into her role as resident therapy dog for her family members, one of whom had serious health issues and needed a warm, soft, hairy belly to rub.  You don’t need a prescription for that sort of thing- Just a pup like Brinley.


How old is your pup(s)?

Brinley is 1.5 years old



When is your pup’s birthday or Gotcha Day?

Born August 25th and picked her up November 8th.



Where do you and your pup live?

We live in British Columbia, Canada



What are your pup's favorite outdoor activity?

Honestly, she loves anything outdoors, but her favorite is probably hiking and digging.



Where is the coolest, most amazing and memorable place you've been with your pup(s) and what makes it so special?

Our favorite place we've been is to the cabin at Gunlake in Goldbridge, British Columbia. The cabin is so special to us as it's a family cabin and we've been going since we were young. Brinley's favorite time to go is winter because she loves running on the frozen lake.



If you could go anywhere in the world, what is your dream outdoor adventure with your pup(s)?

We would love to do a cross Canada trip and visit the East Coast- Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in particular.



Where are all of the places you and your pup(s) have been?

Squamish/ Whistler, British Columbia

Manning, British Columbia

Goldbridge, British Columbia

Canmore, Alberta



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