With some good timing, we were able to catch Boira at the end of another mountain adventure to get her comment on a few questions about herself...


How old is your pup?

2 years old



When is your pup’s birthday or Gotcha Day?




Where do you and your pup live?

Valencia, Spain


What are your pup's favorite outdoor activity?

Skimo (Ski Mountaineering)



Where is the coolest, most amazing and memorable place you've been with your pup(s) and what makes it so special?

Dolomitas (Italia)



If you could go anywhere in the world, what is your dream outdoor adventure with your pup(s)?

Western Canada and Alaska.



Where are all of the places you and your pup(s) have been?

Pirineo Español

Pirineo Frances

Alpes Franceses

Dolomitas (italia)





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