Does your dog need a cellphone?

 It’s a big world out there – but your pup doesn’t know that. Teaching a canine to call in his whereabouts is just too iffy; that’s why Jax & Moonie has teamed up with Fi GPS to launch our signature J&M x Fi GPS collar! This exclusive “one-of-a-kind” dog collar not only looks great and allows you to add our Been There™ travel tags, it also has a custom compartment for the Fi GPS device that will accurately track your pet’s exact location. Why does your pup need a Fi GPS dog collar? Here are 3 important reasons you need one:


1. Know where your dog is at ALL times.

It’s happened to all of us Dog Mom’s and Dad’s- Your beloved pup gets out of the yard and your heart drops. (Read my personal story below!) Where did your dog go? With the Fi GPS collar, you can set parameters of your home address. Which means if your dog ever exits your home’s radius, then you’ll be immediately notified. Plus, not only that, but once your dog is on the loose, you’ll know exactly where they are. In addition, for pups who are allowed off-leash, having GPS tracking on them is incredibly important for their safety and a necessary tool for a stress-free adventure!


2. Have a healthier dog.

Fi has developed a super useful app that corresponds with their GPS collar. The app allows you to monitor your dog’s activity level and set exercise goals that lead to a healthier pup. You can even see how you rank amongst other active dogs with the Fi collar!


3. Become part of an amazing community.

Through the Fi app, you’re connected with tons of other likeminded Dog Moms and Dads who are also working to give their pups the best life possible. You can interact with these amazing individuals through the app and get to know other pups like your own!

 Now you can track your adventures with our Been There™ travel tags- and track your dog with the Signature FI GPS device. These items- the Jax & Moonie collar and the Fi GPS device- are sold separately – but here’s a helpful discount code from our friends at FI to get you started. And let your buddy know he won’t be needing a cellphone after all.



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