Happy Earth Day!

Since the creation of the Jax & Moonie dog collar brand in 2020, we have dedicated our efforts into making a sustainable, eco-friendly product. Subsequently, we are stoked to announce J&M is joining prAna’s Responsible Packaging Movement; committed to eliminating single-use plastic and virgin forest fiber from our packaging, minimizing supply chain packaging, and utilizing bio-friendly materials whenever possible.  With a nod to our beautiful planet Earth– home to all of our incredible animal friends as well-  here are some of the ways Jax & Moonie has committed to leaving only a dog’s footprint behind on our journey:        


Reusable Packaging

Every product ordered from Jax & Moonie is delivered in a 100% cotton hemp bag that may be reused for dog treats, keepsakes or any other number of practical uses. Sturdy enough to be kept, used again and again!


100% Recyclable and Biodegradable Shipping Boxes

All Jax & Moonie products are shipped out in boxes from EcoEnclose;  Biodegradable and compostable, made from 100% recycled material.


Veg-tanned Leather

With an emphasis on sustainability, we have chosen to make our product using Veg-tanned leather, which goes through a natural process free of dyes and is significantly longer-lasting than vegan leather products.


Product Recycling Program

Jax & Moonie have a unique Product Recycling Program where our collars, if they ever degrade, can be exchanged for a new collar at a discount. We simply replace what is worn, while reusing metal hardware and other sustainable parts of the product.   


All Metal Hardware

We don’t use plastic ANYWHERE on our product! We’ve chosen to use high grade metal only, due to the increased durability, quality and recycling capacity. Our goal is for the Jax & Moonie collar to last a lifetime for your pet!


We can all make a difference – let’s preserve and improve our wonderful planet Earth. We ask that you join Jax & Moonie in this quest- as we have joined with the prAna Reshape Packaging Movement (prAna # ReshapePackaging). Let’s do all we can so that humans and animals alike can continue to sustain a healthy planet for future generations.  Spread the love- the love of Planet Earth!   

Click here for more info on prAna'a #ReshapingPackgaging Movement, to see how you can contribute!

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