Join us for a behind the scenes look at the active lifestyle of our good friend Caitlin, and her bold companions, Riley, Rosie and Ripple.  Their recent “Fall Collection Photoshoot” in the mountains of Colorado, featuring our new Jax & Moonie Hand-Dyed collars, turned out killer. Thinking of becoming a J&M Ambassador? Follow Cait on Instagram @Caitandhercanines and check out her outdoor photography tips right here:



How many dogs do you have and what are their names?

"I have three dogs named Riley, Rosie, and Ripple."


Where in the US do you live?

"We live in Colorful Colorado and love it! We have access to endless adventure here!"


How did you train your dogs to be 'adventure' dogs? For example, can they be 'off-leash'? If so, how did you train them to be able to be 'off-leash' on adventures?

"We started small, getting them used to hiking, traveling, being in hotels etc. and built up the expectations from there. I started all my dogs on long lines in order to train them to have a reliable recall off-leash and stayed consistent for a very long time before trusting them with full off-leash privileges."


Which of your pups is the best 'on camera'?

"Rosie enjoys taking photos the most and will often be found posing on top of rocks waiting for her photoshoot, but Ripple is extremely photogenic and has all the cute tricks to match."


How did you learn photography?

"I learned photography by taking photos of my dogs. I started them on an Instagram account to document their adventure, decided I wanted a nice camera to do so and taught myself from there. It was a long process and I'm still learning everyday!"


How many years have you been doing photography?

"I believe this is year 3 of taking photos!"


What kind of camera do you use?

"I have a Canon EOS-R and a Canon R5"


What is your #1 tip when taking pictures of your pup on an adventure? Can you share a few tips?

"My tips for taking photos of your dog would be to find a story you'd like to tell. What do you want to remember about that day or moment, and how can you capture that? As far as technical photography, learn to work with the sun, and learn your camera's manual settings!"


Follow Caitlin and her pups on her instagram and tune into more of their wild adventures as they explore Colorado and beyond. You can also check out our NEW Hand-Dyed Collar Collection available for purchase on the J&M website!

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