How It Works:

1. Create Your Tags

Create your own customized tag by choosing your tag color, metal type + shape, and your stamp design.

2. Add to Your Dogs Collar

Add your customized tag to any of your dogs favorite collar’s. Our tags are compatible with collars that are 1" to 1.25" wide.

3. Collect Memories

Add your one-of-a-kind tags to your dogs collar as the years go by to remember the unique life and bond that you have together.

This is a love story

We consider this a love story; a passion for man's (and woman's of course) best friend, Canine Adventuroso. The need for sharing good times and the journey of discovery with our four-legged sidekick. Enjoying the small moments, the quiet times, the new places (and the smells!).

You've Been There

This wanderlust, nature-based, eco-friendly life is what Jax & Moonie aspire to share. A curious life lived on your own terms- with your dog front and center.