This is a love story

We consider this a love story; a passion for man's (and woman's of course) best friend, Canine Adventuroso. The need for sharing good times and the journey of discovery with our four-legged sidekick. Enjoying the small moments, the quiet times, the new places (and the smells!).

You've Been There

This wanderlust, nature-based, eco-friendly life is what Jax & Moonie aspire to share. A curious life lived on your own terms- with your dog front and center.

Such a unique idea...

We absolutley adore our Been There™ Collars! We love documenting all of the roadtrips our beloved dogs take with us. The Been There™ tags are so eyecatching! And the leather work is very sturdy!

An incredible work of art...

The moment I saw these incredible collars I knew it was meant to be the one for us. To be able to collect our memories together on a Jax & Moonie collar will be a lifelong treasure of alifetime that I'll always remember.

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